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On Yom Kippur it is customary to fast from sunset on the 25th through nightfall on the 26th. Unlike other fasts, on Yom Kippur we fast because we are like the angels. I would also recommend reading the ten psalms :.

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In terms of current events there is also a Pluto in Cap — Sun in Libra — Uranus in Aries t-square which feels explosive and unstable to me. Secretive power plays, pretensions of justice, and hasty action for a brief window on this day…. The new moon in Virgo on Saturday night bathes us in the light of the unblemished divinity within us once more before we enter the chamber of Libra. We are given the gift of understanding that everything emanates from the point of singularity, and then we are asked to create a more perfect world beginning with ourselves.

The new moon will be squaring Jupiter in Gemini and the mind may have to surrender again to the mesmerizing wisdom of the heart. Ultimately the heart will lead the brave journey of constructing the bridge to connect the rational and supra-rational realms, a grand project taking place within us to heal the millennia-old tear between the parts of the divine mind that lie in exile. The chaos we may sense within and outside are ultimately part of the process of reconnecting parts of ourselves and of God that were sawed apart when we were banished from Eden.

Rather, it is concerned with the process of individual Tikkun Rectification of the soul. In Kabbalistic interpretation, each Jewish soul is reincarnated enough times only in order to fulfill each of the Mitzvot. The souls of the righteous among the Nations may be assisted through gilgulim to fulfil each of their seven mitzvot, the Seven Laws of Noah.

As such gilgul is an expression of Divine compassion, and is seen as a Heavenly agreement with the individual soul to descend again. This stress on physical performance and perfection of each Mitzvah , is tied to the Lurianic doctrine of Cosmic Tikkun of Creation.

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In these new teachings, a Cosmic catastrophe occurred at the beginning of Creation called the "Shattering of the Vessels" of the Sephirot in the "World of Tohu Chaos ". The vessels of the Sephirot broke and fell down through the spiritual Worlds until they were embedded in our physical realm as "sparks of holiness" Nitzutzot. The reason in Lurianic Kabbalah that almost all Mitzvot involve physical action, is that through their performance, they elevate each particular Spark of holiness associated with that commandment.

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Once all the Sparks are redeemed to their spiritual source, the Messianic Era begins. This metaphysical theology gives cosmic significance to the life of each person, as each individual has particular tasks that only they can fulfil. Therefore, gilgulim assist the individual soul in this cosmic plan. This also explains the Kabbalistic reason why the future eschatological Utopia will be in this World, as only in the lowest, Physical realm is the purpose of Creation fulfilled. In Kabbalah , from its initial Medieval form onwards, Creation is described as a descending Chain of spiritual Worlds of cause and effect.

The new 16th-century Kabbalistic paradigm of Isaac Luria extends the meaning of this with the concept of the holy sparks. Creation is a continuous process of Divine vitality. All physical and spiritual Creations only continue to exist due to the immanent Divine Ohr "Light" , from God's Will to create, that they constantly receive. This immanent flow forms the spark of holiness in any Created form.

This teaches that the true essence of anything is only its Divine spark within, that gives it continual existence. If the light were to be withdrawn, the creation would cease to exist. This complete dependence on Divinity is hidden in this lowest physical realm, but the souls and angels of successively higher spiritual realms are nullified to the Divine Unity, in successively higher degrees.

This explains the statement of Isaac Luria that even stones possess a subtle form of soul. With the focus in Lurianic Kabbalah on Cosmic Tikkun rectification, accordingly every leaf also possesses a soul that "came into this world to receive a rectification". In Medieval Kabbalah of the Zohar , which received its full rational synthesis in 16th-century Cordoveran Kabbalah , immediately before the new teachings of Luria, Gilgul was not the focus as intellectual categorisation was sought.

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Lurianic Kabbalah, accordingly, while also fully systemised in rational articulation, nonetheless focuses on Divine soul levels above intellect. The central doctrine of Luria is the Tzimtzum Divine "Withdrawal" that paradoxically transcends human logic. The Tikkun rectification of the Tzimtzum, involving the "birur" elevation of the sparks of Creation, and their soul parallel of Gilgul, similarly are rooted in Divine levels above intellect. In the foundational Kabbalistic structure of the 10 Sephirot emanations , Keter Divine Will transcends the intellectual Sephirot, and is the origin of All.

The Lurianic idea that all physical and spiritual Creations possess their particular bodily "soul", explains the notion that gilgul can involve a person's soul occasionally being exiled into lower creatures, plants or even stones. In Jewish mysticism the human soul has five levels that relate to different levels of the Sephirot Divine emanations. Based on an ancient Midrashic source, [3] Kabbalah followed also in Hasidic interpretation of Kabbalah gives names for these five levels.

Their corresponding Sephirot have both outer spiritual functions vessels and inner dimensions lights , that relate to outer manifestations of the human soul, and their inner psychological "soul powers". The five levels of the human soul in ascending order: [4]. The most basic component of the soul , the nefesh , is always part of the gilgul process, as it must leave at the cessation of blood production a stage of death.

It moves to another body, where life has begun. There are four other soul components and different nations of the world possess different forms of souls with different purposes. Gilgul is contrasted with the other processes in Kabbalah of Ibbur , the attachment of a second soul to an individual, and Dybuk , the exile of a soul. Lurianic Kabbalah focuses on the process of gilgulim , as it forms the microcosmic parallel to macrocosmic rectification of Creation.

In the elite circles of Kabbalistic scholars, it becomes beneficial to helping achieve rectification for a person to identify their particular spiritual gilgulim. It sought the internalisation of abstract Kabbalistic metaphysics into personal perception and fervour dveikus , by relating the structures of Kabbalah to their inner psychological relevance in man.

Because gilgul forms part of the elaborate, abstract structure of the processes of redemption in Kabbalah, it was therefore sidelined in Hasidic Judaism. Hasidism believed in the Kabbalah and gilgul as authoritative, but left aside the focus in Jewish worship and meditation on the structures, meditations and metaphysical processes, to look to the inner Godliness within everything.

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Hasidic panentheism devotes itself to dveikus attachment to the Divine Omnipresence. In this inner path , identification of one's past gilgulim becomes external, and a diversion from inner Bittul self nullification. To identify one's particular spiritual tasks could introduce a refined level of egotism, while acting purely from dveikus to God would be a higher, essential soulful Jewish worship.

The Hasidic figure of the tzadik Hasidic Rebbe , to which the followers would flock, was believed to know the particular past gilgulim of each person who came to them, through their semi-prophetic abilities, and the future destiny of each person.

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However, in Hasidic thought, they would not directly reveal this information in private consultation, as for the follower to know the tasks would introduce self-centredness, and Divine "help from Above". Nonetheless, the Tzadik would give assistance and special advice that would both help the follower to achieve their tasks, yet also preserve the full soulfulness "from Below" of the common person's Divine service.

In the history of Jewish mysticism, this Hasidic approach to gilgul corresponds to the third of three successive stages of perception and relation to Divinity. Traditional Judaism views latter generations to be spiritually inferior and lower than former generations. This belief, called Yeridat ha-dorot "Descent of the generations" , shapes the development of traditional Jewish thought. In Talmudic commentary and Halachah it means that latter authorities in the Eras of Rabbinic Judaism generally do not disagree with authorities from a previous era.

The basis of this is two-fold. In the historical chain of transmission of Judaism from generation to generation, a latter generation is further removed from the original Revelation of the Torah on Mount Sinai.

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The Halachic authorities of a subsequent generation would avoid disagreeing with the preceding Halachic authorities, since to reach them, the chain of Torah transmission is longer and more vulnerable to mistaken recollection. This applies until the Oral Torah was written down in the Talmud, where the Amoraim Sages of the Gemara commentary do not disagree with the earlier Tannaim Sages of the Mishna. Accordingly, the Mishnaic Pirkei Avot begins with a historical account of the chain of Oral Torah transmission from Moses, until it became written down in the Mishna.

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kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
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