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Wood is career and pressure. He filmed Captain EO. He was diagnosed sensitive to sunlight, he went for a treatment to have lighter skin. Rabbit is Wood. Strong Wood helps Fire to burn. He released the album Bad and had concerts during his Bad World Tour from to He involved Elephant Man and chimpanzee events and did facial cosmetic surgery. Metal is on top of Earth.

This means spending money to buy fame. Rat water is under the Major Cycle; money came in from under the table. Monkey is fame. Michael started the Dangerous World Tour in June He founded the Heal the World Foundation. Chicken is Metal. He performed during his Dangerous World Tour until September, Fie is bad reputation. He was accused of sexually abusing a year-old boy in the summer of Summer is Fire season. He appeared in TV interviews to repair his reputation. Fire is also connected to medicine.

He took sedatives and painkillers to release the pressure, but ruined his health. Because Water also represents women to him, he should have had a love story in this year. Dog is Earth, which is spending money. The marriage was in a bad year, so it didn't last too long. He should be in love. But Wood is the career pressure. He wasn't in the top 20 of pop music properties. Pig is Water. He also released double album HIStory. Rat is Water money.

He divorced and married Debbie Rowe. His son Prince Michael Jackson was born. Wood is the Son Star, which appears in Major Cycle, not Tiger contains Wood and Fire. Daughter Paris Michael Jackson was born. Earth is related to money loss. Wood is related to law. He divorced Debbie Rowe. Michael released the album Invincible.

He couldn't get good promotion because of many disputes with Sony. Fire is bad reputation.

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Michael was arrested on charges of child molestation and Neverland ranch was searched. His third child was born in this year. Sheep is Earth. Money came and went. Fire is bad relationship. The second child sexual abuse allegation hurts his image. He should have had very serious health problems. Michael's lucky elements were Water and Metal. Black is related to Water. White or Gold colors are related to Metal. Wearing black or white brings him luck.

Michael Jackson's Transits:

Black uniform brings him wealth. White glove and socks build his image. Fire and Earth are unlucky elements. Brown color makes him poorer. Red color brings him negative reputation. Fire is the mother element of Day Master. Red is something that provides Michael stronger physical energy and mental power. Michael should feel the protection while wearing red.

Work more than fame

But the other view of Red color implied he gets sick and needs medicine. The Date of Death - June 25, To predict people's date of death is difficult from astrology, because doctors can extend or save people's lives by means of new discoveries in medicine and medical technology. The life of a person with an Extremely Weak birth chart may end when the astrological cycle appears strong same element Friend Star to break the Extremely Weak birth chart structure.

Michael Jackson has a Fake Extremely Weak birth chart.

Michael Jackson horoscope profile, astrological personality qualities Michael Jackson natal charts.

The Day Master is Male Earth. This is a strong Earth year and very unfavorable to Michael, because Earth tried to make Day Master too strong. June 25 of is in the month of Horse. Horse is in the Fire group. This will increase the power of Earth from The structure of Extremely Weak birth chart will be damaged. Plus, the strong Fire combination is ready to attack Metal in the birth chart. This is a head-to-head Fighting Relationship. The whole birth chart is shaking. The birth chart will collapse any day of Fire or Earth in the Horse month.

If Michael Jackson had not died on June 25, , then he still would have had a hard time for upcoming years. The next major cycle to is Fire Tiger cycle. So this cycle is a strong Fire, which is the unlucky element. This period is the time for medical care and money loss in investments. Since the introductions of contraception, abortion and surrogate birth, it's difficult to predict the number of children one should have from Chinese astrology. To understand Michael Jackson children relationship, we need to study his birth time.

This is because that Hour Column contains information of the children. Chinese astrology focuses on the number of sons, not children. The Day Master of his birth chart is Male Earth. His Son Star is Wood. Wood is weak under Chicken Metal in Hour Column. We assume that Michael was born in the Hour of Chicken. This implies he has lesser relationship with his children. That means he shouldn't have too many children. Or the children will stay away from him.

Or either he or his child will die young. Jordan joined the coterie of children Jackson kept about him at Neverland Ranch, many of whom commonly shared his bed, though no prior accusation of improper behavior had emerged. The LAPD began an investigation in mid-August, search warrants were issued for Neverland Ranch and the Jackson family home, and more than 30 children who were intimates of Jackson were questioned; all denied any impropriety. Lisa Marie has stated that the two were sexually intimate during their marriage, which ended less than two years later.

The couple remained friends. During the tour in November in Australia, Jackson married Debbie Rowe, who was pregnant with their first child. A daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, followed in In a interview, Rowe stated that she had been artificially inseminated, and she and Jackson had never cohabited as husband and wife. In November police issued a search warrant for Neverland and an arrest warrant for Jackson. On December 18 Jackson was charged on 7 counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent.

The judge issued a gag order preventing all parties from discussing the case with the press. The arraignment on January 16, was a media circus, with Jackson dancing atop an SUV at his arrival, to cheering crowds of supporters; the pop icon pled not guilty. A Grand Jury was empanelled in March, which indicted Jackson April 21 on additional charges of conspiracy, false imprisonment and extortion, to which Jackson again pled not guilty.

The trial began January 31, , and continued into early June. At one point Jackson, who had tried to beg off a court appearance, citing severe back pain, was given an hour to show or face contempt of court charges; the singer duly arrived with moments to spare, still dressed in his pajamas. Allegations that Jackson had given Arvizo wine in a Coke can, showed him internet pornography, and masturbated him to orgasm were embarrassing for the pop star, but without corroborating evidence, on June 13, the jury found Jackson not guilty on all counts.

Perhaps more damaging was a series of prior incidents involving minor boys, not previously made public, and raised by the prosecution to establish a pattern of abuse. Despite his victory, Jackson retreated into his private life, spending increasingly frequent periods abroad, including lengthy stays in Bahrain and Dubai. That same month he received the Diamond Award at the World Music Awards, in recognition of more than million albums sold.

In retrospect, the name of the tour seems strangely prophetic—for Michael Jackson, this was, indeed, it. The Sun at 6 Virgo is exactly conjoined a Black Hole, giving Jackson the power to mesmerize, captivate, and draw others into his orbit, but also creating a basic dichotomy between the inner man and the outer persona, one who feeds off the attentions and adulation of others, but is left ultimately unfulfilled, never feeling sated or satisfied. Black Hole Sun can create an unsettled, topsy-turvy, world-turned-upside down existence where up is down and black is white, a life full of drama and sudden change, with extreme ups and downs, highs and lows.

Such was the case for Jackson, careening from the heights of pop culture stardom and success to the depths of alleged utter sexual depravity, isolation and drug addiction. Jackson was extremely controlling when it came to his creative output, although any manipulative tendencies he may have harbored in interpersonal relationships seem to have been projected onto others, as the pop star was noted for picking and retaining staff and assistants whom others thought unsuitable, and who were allegedly not acting in his best interests. Perhaps most dramatic is an exact conjunction of the Sun with asteroid Polyhymnia, named for the ancient Greek muse of song, and nothing could be more appropriate for one of the greatest lyricists of the late twentieth century.

Jackson wrote 14 number one hits, and another 15 that placed in the top ten list; his vocal artistry, another aspect of Polyhymnia, was uniquely identifiable and broadly appealing. Not to be outdone, asteroid Terpsichore, Muse of Dance, is also strongly placed; significantly, she exactly conjoins the Black Hole at 13 Libra, and is in exact sextile to natal Uranus at 13 Leo, allowing Jackson the creative freedom to adopt new dance forms Terpsichore , as if from an alternate reality Black Hole no one else had experienced, while becoming an innovative figure always on the cutting edge Uranus.

Terpsichore is also conjunct asteroid Jackson at 11 Libra, a fitting combination for the man who was easily as famous for his dance moves as his songs. At 19 Sagittarius, natal Saturn exactly conjoins another Black Hole, indicating the potential for dramatic success and achievement, but also major, sudden reversal, and denoting huge amounts of energy expended in career pursuits. The extremely abusive relationship with his father is also a result of this conjunction, as Black Hole Saturn natives can experience their fathers as overly controlling, devouring, and unapproachable.

Saturn is also closely tied to a pair of Quasars at 4 Scorpio and Taurus, by exact semisquare and sesquiquadrate aspects, and these are likely the source of his phenomenal career. Black Holes may open doors and provide unexpected opportunities, but they do not guarantee success. Looking for motivations—the more deeply buried th Using your birth date,time and location you can access the detailed reports and features, easy to use menu layout great for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.

Great Useful Irrelevant Offensive. Helpful and Informative Confusing Irrelevant Difficult to understand. Any other suggestions or feedback is appreciated. Working Broken. Jupiter in Sagittarius takes you into exploration mode and you will be yearning to learn more and widen your experience,perception and acheive your ambitions.

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Some of the other aspects shown are very long term based on the slower moving planets such as Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune and Pluto. Michael Jackson horoscope profile, astrological personality qualities Michael Jackson natal charts. Home Celebrities Michael Jackson horoscope profile, astrological personality qualities Michael Jackson natal charts.

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michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile
michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile
michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile
michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile
michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile
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michael jackson astrological profile Michael jackson astrological profile

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