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I especially love her work with the feminine and her understanding of the importance of self-love. She has founded wild woman rising, and she walks the walk too. She is someone who I can say is truly gifted. Truly kind. Full of integrity, and the real deal. I love this woman! Having seen a number of different clairvoyants and mediums in the past, I am constantly amazed by the enormous clarity, accuracy and detail that encompass a reading with Joanna.

Her level of detail, her accuracy in constantly changing circumstances and her compassionate delivery with the information she imparts is a truly cathartic, informative and beautiful experience.

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She speaks directly to your soul, she gives you information that no-one else knows the beautiful human frailties we all share and she gives you the information that you need to be the best you can be in this lifetime. I have referred many of my friends to Joanna all of whom have experienced the same wonderful experience as I. Her soul to soul readings are filled with accuracy, honesty, and compassion.

She has extraordinary talent and a true connection to spirit world. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading from a true professional. Thankyou Joanna for my third amazing reading with you. Joanna was confident giving the reading and professional and I am looking forward to booking future readings with her. I would very highly recommend Joanna to anyone seeking answers in their life. Her readings are multi- dimensional and help you find the answers and sacred Paths that are right for you. She has described exact people that have then walked into my life and helped me travel this crazy path I'm barrelling down.

I am incredibly lucky to have found her. Her wisdom and insight have given me tremendous amounts of courage to pursue my dreams. Manifesting has happened quicker than I ever could have imagined because Joanna has stressed the importance of gratitude. I have had a lot of amazing career moves happen in the last four months and I attribute some of that success to meeting and speaking with Joanna.

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She gives me clarity in cloudiness. Thank you for always being the voice of reason. You are like Mother Earth to me, giving back in such a powerful way. You are a source of energy and I feel fortunate to have known and worked with you. She has seen things developing years in advance, things that leave me wondering "how could she know that back then?

I always walk away feeling inspired and motivated on both a business and personal level. I have met with Joanna several times in the past few years. My initial meeting was in Indianapolis face to face. All of my other meetings have been via the telephone and just as helpful! Joanna is a delight to work with and offers keen insight on many topics. Great, continued success! I didn't even wear a wedding ring and she knew all of this!

You magically have always appeared when I have needed your guidance and heavenly gift the most. You have always had me in awe with your readings I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime and am thankful for every reading you have done for me, you are next level amazing!! For the intense period that followed in my life Joanna provided insight as well as spiritual guidance. I can't express enough how much she helped me and still does as her wise and beautiful words have stayed with me!

No way! Not on the list at all I AM going, to my surprise I'm so excited! And trusting that things on a personal level will sort too. Joanna's reading was nothing short of amazing. She has a huge heart that shines with unconditional love, whilst being grounded and clear in her messages. She has a direct communication line to Spirit, and the guidance is strong, directive, accurate and profound. Her readings encompass every aspect of the complexities of ourselves as spirits experiencing life here and all aspects of life are touched upon with clarity and accuracy.

Joanna is unique in that she has the ability to tap into the present and future, rather than focussing on the past, which is hugely empowering. Robert Puff. Laura Perkins. Babylonian and Egyptian Astrology. Numerology Made Easy. Hilary H.

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astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews
astrology answers katherine reviews Astrology answers katherine reviews

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