Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs

Sagittarius-Capricorn Personality

Pisceans are known to provide the much-needed inspiration and support that these cusps need from time to time. Furthermore, like Capricorn Aquarius cusps, Pisceans too are highly creative and thus add to the creative qualities of this cusp. Like the Capricorn Aquarius cusp, Virgos are humanitarian souls at heart.

Their sole aim is to help others achieve their way and attain freedom. They are both high achievers and dedicated to make their dreams come true. They both have a disciplined approach and value culture and tradition. Like the Capricorn Aquarius cusp, Virgo too follows a practical approach while also being a highly emotional being when it comes to matters of love and relationship.

The Sun's Cusp in Astrology

In fact, Virgos, with their high standards, make for great inspirations for these cuspians. Together, they make for a great pair! The Capricorn Aquarius cusps are very comfortable with Scorpio Sagittarius cusps. They also partner well with the Virgo Libra cusp and the Pisces Aries cusp.

As the Capricorn Aquarius cusp is a mix of the earth and air elements, they will have lasting relationships with Aries and Sagittarius which are the fire signs. However, beware, for these combinations, particularly with Sagittarius, can leave them confused and wondering! The air signs, it is believed, are best suited as romantic partners for the Capricorn Aquarius cusp. One thing is for sure: with a Capricorn Aquarius cusp partner, life can never be boring. They are highly social beings and love to be with people. While Capricorn Aquarius cusps might seem mysterious and quiet from outside, they experience a plethora of continuous emotions and thoughts in their mind.

They have a strong sense of emotions and understanding. Capricorn being an earth sign and Aquarius an air sign, the cusp acquires the traits of both and gets a character of its own. They are highly responsible souls who can be trusted upon and will never let their partners down.

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They make for great partners with Gemini and Libra since they will be very communicative and understanding. They will also fare well with the fire signs since the latter make things lighter and fun for the sometimes serious cusps. These cusps particularly have a great way with logic and reasoning abilities.

Cusp (astrology)

Moreover, they are great leaders and visionaries. They are also judgemental, detached, and aloof at times and might seem lost in their own world. A zodiac sign that can balance these traits well will be the best soulmate for these cusps! If you were born in the cusp of mystery and imagination, as the Capricorn Aquarius cusp is called, you are an extremely hard working individual. Equally interesting is your love life, where you seek intellectual partners who can inspire you to dream big and chase your dreams!

You tend to gel will with Librans owing to their beautiful personality that is known to establish a balance in everything they do. They will help you face criticism and understand life as it comes. Pisceans too make for great soulmates thanks to their creativity and imagination.

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  • Capricorn-Gemini Compatibility.

They fit very well into your dreamy world and will provide you the critical support and inspiration when you need it the most. Virgo, like the Capricorn Aquarius cusps, are kind-hearted and compassionate souls and will do everything it takes to make someone happy. These cusps tend to have a healthy relationship with the water signs as the latter respect and understand the cusps well.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp – Dates, Man, Woman, Compatibility

Cancerians are ideal matches, particularly, if you are a cusp female. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. My Final Thoughts. Hey there! Gemini-Cancer cuspers are the perfect combination of committed and carefree. These cuspers have some very conflicting personality traits. Therefore, you tend to feel fairly conflicted and uncertain when you start falling for someone.

Libra-Scorpio signers are anything but subtle. The Scorpio-Sagittarius cuspers are blessed in the sense that they truly know who they are. Because of this, you tend to fall in love very honestly, very fully, and very securely. Sagittarius and Capricorn signers have a great combination of optimism and practicality. You are both hopeful and logical, joyful and sincere — and this definitely reflects in the way you fall for another person. You allow yourself to jump in and truly live in the experience, but you also know how to be realistic and levelheaded.

Capricorn-Aquarius cuspers may seem outwardly quiet or mysterious, but on the inside, their thoughts and emotions are bouncing around nonstop. Aquarius-Pisces cusp signers fall in love like no one else.

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  5. Your personality is a nice combination of eccentric and dreamy, which can lead to an offbeat way of doing things, including falling in love. This cusp can often be like a tornado: in and out of your life quickly, but not before shaking things up. Both signs are known for being strong and bold, which is why this combination of Scorpio and Sagittarius is often too much for some people. Scorpio and Sagittarius both have a knack for being rebellious, which is good in some situations, but a whole heap of trouble in others.

    Sagittarius and Capricorn are both successful, outgoing people, but for different reasons. As for Capricorn, her brains and willingness to push boundaries and get to know everyone makes her super successful. Combine the two and you get a smart, popular girl. The Capricorn-Aquarius cusp is a mystery not everyone can solve, herself included. Taking traits from both sides of the cusp, a Capricorn-Aquarius combination is flamboyant and shy, reserved and social. However, as intriguing and mysterious as a combination sign with traits on both sides of the spectrum may seem, it actually can just froth into an unbalanced mess.

    Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

    Instead of being able to bounce quickly from trait to trait in order to adapt to any situation, a Capricorn-Aquarius often gets caught up in trying to be both herself and someone everyone approves of, which only adds to her flip-flopping personality. Combining the artistic side of Pisces with the more spiritual side of Aquarius makes for an ethereal cusp.

    She does whatever makes her happy, even if it means she often gets lost in her own head. While this might seem dreamy and admirable to fellow Aquarius and Pisces, to others, it seems a bit flaky. Instead of thinking about herself and others equally, she ends up becoming preoccupied and forgetful, often forgoing plans with friends in order to work on her own stuff.

    This inability to make time for both herself and the people in her life is something this cusp needs to revisit. This combination of Pisces and Aries is a rare and valuable one. It brings together the dreamer part of Pisces with the doer side of Aries, creating a dynamic cusp that not only knows what she wants, but is able to go out and get it. She also knows that her future is limitless, which should both intrigue and scare you a little. This antisocial behavior can hurt her, but a Pisces-Aries cusp is often torn between the introverted and extroverted natures of both signs.

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    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs
    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs
    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs
    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs
    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs
    capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs Capricorn capricorn cusp compatibility with other signs

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